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I was scouring the web, looking for a positive, uplifting bit of news to start off the week. I came across this article.

It is not unusual for a child to complain and pout when things don’t go their way. For Faith and Drew Oakes, things did not go their way in the summer of 2008. They spent the summer stuck inside due to wildfires in the Sierra foothills.

Rather than letting this bring them down, Faith and Drew got together with four other children in the area and came up with an innovative plan that would help firefighters catch fires earlier; keeping them from spreading.

The children came up with an idea to place solar-powered video cameras in the tree tops around Tahoe National Forest. The cameras, linked to the internet, would also have free screensavers available that would show multiple real time views of the forest.

The idea is that anyone in the world looking at the views of the forest could possibly spot a fire, alerting the fire fighters before the fire has time to take over. This would greatly help the volunteers who currently staff the three actual lookout towers in the Tahoe forest.

This innovative group of homeschoolers, who range in age from 11-13, has been chosen out of 13,000 teams in 40 countries to present their idea at the Children’s Climate Call conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

They will compete against five other youth teams from around the world for a chance to make their idea a reality.


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