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As any homeschool family can tell you, one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is a flexible schedule and the time allowed for children to pursue their passions.

In the Ramsey family of Fayetteville, West Virginia that passion is music. Ann Ramsey homeschools her three children. She believes that if the children were in public or private school they wouldn’t have the time to practice as often.

The three Ramsey children have formed a musical group called The Ramsey Trio. They perform at weddings, anniversaries, and other types of celebration. Between the three of them they play piano, violin, harp and the cello.

Ann Ramsey feels that her children’s talents shine through because they had a chance to be cultivated. She says that had they been in a different environment, their musical abilities could have been easily overlooked.  

As a homeschooling parent I’ve often thought the same thing about my own children. My 6 year old excels at US Geography but I allow him the time that he wants to spend on it. If he wants to spend an entire morning doing his geography puzzles or reading his geography books, I let him. We can do math another day. Would he be allowed that same freedom in a formal school setting? Would we realize his passion for geography if he were in public school?

To read more about the Ramsey family and find out more about Ann Ramsey’s views on homeschooling check out this link.

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