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16 March 1:00 am
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Zack Teflon has been kicked out of school and has no choice but to be homeschooled. But an evil congressman wants to eliminate homeschooling from Utah. Homeschooled teen, Amanda Hugginkiss and her mother are outraged by this effort. In an attempt to save their right to homeschool they decide to put on a musical with other homeschooled teens known as the “homers”.

What am I talking about? Why, “Home School Musical”, of course!

Utah’s Desert Star Theatre is performing “Home School Musical”, an obvious spoof on the popular Disney success, “High School Musical”, through March 21st.

The play has received a lot of positive feedback. With quirky characters such as Linoleum Dynamite or the “Twilight” fanatic, LaVelcro Edwards, it is no wonder people are claiming it is completely hilarious.

This is a dinner theatre production and looks like a lot of fun. If you live anywhere near Murray Utah, just 9 miles from Salt Lake City, I encourage you to go see it and then report back to us. I’m very curious to hear a homeschool family’s take on this production.

For more information about “Home School Musical” or about Desert Star Theatre, check out their website.

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