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Homeschooling families are already talking and boards all across the internet are already abuzz with this story. If, by chance, you haven’t heard this one yet, be prepared to feel your blood pressure rise a few points. I know mine did.

A judge in North Carolina has ordered a mother to put her three homeschooled children into public school. His reason? Her three children need to be “challenged”.  The three children in question all test well; as much as two years above their grade level. Obviously, their mother is doing a good job and homeschooling is working for them. The judge even admitted that the mother is doing a good job. But the judge wants to make sure the kids have a “well-rounded education”.

The judge, Ned Mangum of Wake County, claims that he is not against homeschooling he just thinks public schooling would be a nice complement to their homeschool education. Oh really? Do you think so? Isn’t that for their mother to decide? By that reasoning, shouldn’t all public school children be ordered to be homeschooled for awhile? I mean, there is nothing wrong with public schooling. I just think homeschooling would be a nice complement to their public school education.

My thinking is that if this judge thinks he knows what is best for these children then maybe he should feed them, clothe them, and all the other things that go with making decisions for those in ones care. He should also get a clue about homeschooling before making judgment.

It is clear this judge knows little about homeschooling. He supposedly stated that public school would prepare the children for the “real world” and college and allow them socialization. Again, the “S” word pops up.  As if we all educate our children in a closet under the stairs.

The three children in this case are on swim team, involved in history club and active in other events. Apparently, that is not enough socialization in the eyes of some.  No, they should go to public school to get real socialization. Ya know, where kids sneak under the bleachers to make out (I’m putting it lightly) and where kids bully those who are different.  At some point those types of behavior became more important than academics.

It should be mentioned that this judge is handling a divorce proceeding for the parents in his case. The divorce came about because the father committed adultery. It was the father’s attorney who submitted the order that stated the children have thrived as homeschoolers but need a broader focus and socialization. Of course! Because we all know children can’t learn and socialize unless they’re institutionalized.

I’d like to also point out that the father stated he would not pay for homeschooling expenses for his children. What a stand up guy! Apparently the dad really wants the kids to learn his values. What better place than public school.

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