by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Our family is like a lot of homeschooling families. I feel like we are doing great in all areas, except physical education.  Not that my boys aren’t active. We go on walks. They ride their scooters. We even play sports in our living room using the Wii.

We signed them up for a basketball skills course through a local community school. They also get together with our homeschool group for park days. But something is still missing. I feel they’re lacking the basic instruction that most kids get in public school. They’re also missing the team element that I find important.

What I’d love to see is a weekly program that exposes the kids to a variety of sports instruction. I’d love for them to be able to try their hand at all of it so they can find where their talents or interests lie. When I came across this article out of Frankfort, Kentucky I found myself envious.

Homeschoolers in Frankfort get to enjoy an organized PE program through their local YMCA. Homeschool YMCA Physical Education (HYPE) was developed to offer a wide variety of sports classes to homeschoolers. They also get to participate in fitness and swimming classes as well.

The program came about because a homeschooling mom followed through on an idea. So, while I’m envious, I’m also inspired. Could I get something like this going in my own community? What about you? Do you have a similar story about your community? I’d love to hear about successful Homeschool PE programs around the country and how they got started.

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