by Amy Tjaden News Editor


If you’re a homeschooling family in Portland, Oregon you can count yourself lucky. The Oregon Zoo is opening its doors specifically to homeschoolers. On March 10th from 10-2 the zoo is hosting an educational “safari” for homeschoolers. 

The safari gives homeschooled children the opportunity to get up close to the animals and participate in hands on activities. Afterwards, the children will receive an activity guide to use as they explore the zoo.

I wish I lived in Oregon. This sounds like a fun opportunity and I hope homeschooling families in that area take advantage of such a great program.

As much as I love seeing homeschool families and groups get involved in their communities, I especially love to see the community support homeschool families. With all the talk of legislation that calls for tougher laws for homeschoolers, it can often seem like everyone is against us.

I appreciate when any organization in the community shows that it supports homeschoolers.

If you’d like more information regarding the homeschool safari, check out the Oregon Zoo’s website.

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