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Has anyone heard of ResortQuest? I hadn’t until I stumbled upon an interesting press release.

ResortQuest is a vacation rental company. Basically, if you are going on vacation and hoping to rent a vacation home, rather than booking a hotel, then you can go through a company like ResortQuest.

The reason I’m suddenly interested in ResortQuest is that they are offering a homeschool/vacation package. It actually sounds really cool. From April 20-23 they are offering a homeschool program that includes classroom instruction and field trips.

“The benefits of a family vacation have evolved beyond just family time on the beach. ResortQuest is pleased to provide a vacation that includes activities filled with educational and fun topics from the academic world of science, history, nature and art,” stated Lino Maldonado, ResortQuest Vice President of Operations. Northwest Florida.

The program will be held at SunDestin Beach Resort in Florida.

I have never heard of a program like this and apparently this is the first time ResortQuest has put something like this together. I’m curious as to how much interest this will spark. Are there similar programs like this already out there?

We try to make our family vacations a learning opportunity. No matter where we are we seek out a museum or an exhibit. I like doing things on my own time table. However, I might be interested in something like this if I was getting a good deal on accommodations and if it offered the kids a chance to meet up with other homeschoolers.

If you want more information on this program you can follow this link. If anyone attends please write in and let us know how it went.   

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