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Most of the homeschool news I found today concerned the age old question, “should homeschoolers get to play in public school sports?” I don’t know about you guys but I just need a break from that topic. It is incredible how heated that discussion can get.  

With little else going on in the world of homeschooling at the moment, I thought I’d share the news that Alpha Omega Publications has released their Switched-On Schoolhouse 2009 Homeschool Edition. The Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum is an interactive Christian based program. It uses computer based learning.

The 2009 edition includes many new features which make things very customizable. It sounds interesting and like a great way to keep things organized. This is from the press release:

The SOS 2009 Edition also features new assignment icons that allow students to see if an upcoming assignment is a lesson, project, quiz, or test. In addition, the new Daily Work Report allows homeschool parents to quickly view day-to-day student activity, promoting student accountability and simplifying recordkeeping.

Along with the launch of the SOS 2009 Edition, Alpha Omega Publications is also offering 12 new SOS electives for students in middle and high school. These new electives are designed to prepare students for future academic courses and enrich their general subject studies. The 12 new electives include The Civil War, Earth Science, Essentials of Math, GED Preparatory History & Geography, GED Preparatory Language Arts, GED Preparatory Math, GED Preparatory Science, Speech: Essentials of Communication, Trigonometry, Twentieth Century American History, Vietnam Era, and World Geography.

 If you want more information you can visit Alpha Omega.

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