Earth Day is Approaching

8 April 1:00 am
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Earth Day is April 22nd and that day is quickly approaching. There are all kinds of events and festivities being planned by homeschool groups across the country to mark the occasion.

One of our local groups has formed a “Go Green” club. The club is spending a day each week during the month of April doing something for the environment, including trips to local parks to clean up trash.

I did a quick search and found resources that may be helpful for some who are still coming up with ideas for implementing Earth Day plans into their homeschool day.  This site has a long list of very good resources. This site has some great facts, ideas and links.

What are your plans for Earth Day? I’d like to hear from our readers. It would be great to share your plans for Earth Day over the next couple of weeks so as to help out anyone who has yet to make plans. I look forward to hearing from you.  I can be reached at [email protected].

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