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I had been hoping to hear from our readers about their Earth Day plans and activities. I’ve yet to receive any stories but I did come across this bit of information and decided to share it. Maybe it will inspire.


A homeschool group out of Ithaca, NY has made reusable, cloth shopping bags that they will donate to a local food pantry. The idea behind the project is to educate people about plastic bags filling up landfills and to encourage shoppers to seek alternatives, such as the cloth shopping bags.


The homeschool group is part of a larger organization called Roots and Shoots, a global network of more than 8000 groups in more than 100 countries, started by Jane Goodall. The youth program works to improve the world through service projects that help community and environment.


The shopping bag project came together through both Roots and Shoots and another organization called Sew Green. Sew Green, based out of Ithaca, teaches people about sustainable sewing.


To learn more about the organizations that helped make the project a reality, you can visit and


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