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15 April 1:00 am
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


There are homeschool groups all over the globe. The purpose of these groups is to offer educational co-ops, opportunities for social interaction, support, encouragement as well as other benefits.

Recently I’ve written about a group here in Las Vegas that puts its focus on community service. They come together for all the reasons listed above but they put their energy and focus toward giving back to the community. It is a great thing to teach the kids and it puts homeschoolers in a positive light.

This week one of the groups we belong to is going to an area park to pick up litter. Today I read about a group in Alabama that got together to make dog treats to give to their local humane society.

I am sure there must be many similar activities happening every day, all over. I’d like to share those stories. I’d like to hear what your local group is doing. I’d like hear what your family is doing. Share your stories by sending the details to [email protected].

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