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As my family celebrates Homeschool Awareness Week here in the state of Nevada, I’m taking time to really appreciate that I have the opportunity and freedom to educate my children the way I feel is best for them.

Homeschool families, in general, face many hurdles when they choose to homeschool. But we currently have the freedom to make that choice. I feel it is important to stay on top of homeschooling legislation in all states. I may not live in California, but legislation affecting homeschoolers in that state still affects me over here in Nevada, simply because I homeschool.

We should not shrug off injustices against homeschoolers just because we reside in a state that is largely supportive of homeschooling. The day we become complacent is the day we begin to lose our freedoms. That may sound dramatic but there are those out there who would wish to see certain freedoms taken away.

Anyway, all of this came to mind today as I read about the family from Germany, the Romeikes, who fled their country to live in the United States, simply so they could continue to educate their children the way they think is best.

This family, while still in Germany, actually had police come to their door and drag their children to school. In Germany, failure to put your children in public school can result in fines, prison time and even having the children removed from the parents’ care.

I can’t imagine being told that I must put my children in public school or risk losing them. It blows my mind that this type of mentality exists anywhere in this day and age. It sure makes the hurdles we face as homeschoolers here in the US seem like minor bumps in the road. It also reinforces the idea that we all need to keep on top of legislation that affects us as homeschoolers.

The Romeikes are currently living in Tennessee and seeking political asylum.

To read more check out this article from the Associated Press.

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