Homeschool: Then vs. Now

24 April 1:00 am
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


The myths surrounding homeschool are slowly beginning to fade as the number of homeschoolers increase. The stereo-types are being broken down.


This is because the word is getting out that homeschooled children do more than sit at their table and read books. The reason they do more is because, as the number of homeschoolers rises, the available resources are increasing.


The resources available to homeschool families today include co-ops, sporting organizations, and so many available curriculums that it can be a daunting task just trying to choose one. The resources available to homeschool children rival that of public and private schools.


I recently read a comment from a parent who, herself, was homeschooled. She says that her experience was much different than what her kids experience today. There wasn’t much available and there weren’t a lot of kids in the same situation. So, she did actually sit in her house most of the day.


The average homeschooling family of today spends more time outside the home than actually in it. I’ve heard parents say they have trouble finding time to get to actual sit down work because they are so busy with social and educational activities outside the home.


I’d like to hear from any homeschooling parents who were homeschooled. It would be interesting to hear the comparisons between then and now.


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