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Raise your hand if you know what Novosibirsk is. It happens to be the largest city in Siberia. I did not know that but 14-year-old Benjamin Salman knew. Good thing too because knowing that secured his spot as the state Geographic Bee champion in Washington.

The homeschooler from Seattle says that he looks at maps all the time. But he spends most of his time composing music and playing the piano.

The win got Benjamin a certificate, $100 and a world atlas. It also means he is on his way to 22nd annual National Geographic Bee in Washington D.C. where he could win $25,000 and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

The odds are in Benjamin’s favor. Five Washington state champions have gone on to become national champions. That is the largest number from any state.

Another homeschooled student, Kyler Q. La Viollette, 12, took third place in the Washington state Geographic Bee.

The complete article about this win can be found here.

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