by Amy Tjaden News Editor


As homeschooling grows in popularity, events that showcase homeschooling are popping up all over. Here in Nevada we recently celebrated Home Education Awareness Week. Nebraska recently celebrated with a similar event. I also reported on Oregon’s Apple Pie Day to be held at the state capitol on May 7th in Salem.


I feel these events are important. If possible, homeschooling families should attend these events to show their continued commitment to homeschooling and to show the numbers of people who are homeschooling and who support homeschooling. It may sound cliché but there is truly strength in numbers.


I thought I’d list a few of the events that are coming up in early May for homeschoolers around the country.


*May 1-2 The Christian Association of Parent Educators homeschool convention in Yakima, Washington.


*May 1-2 The Georgia Home Education Association annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


*May 1-2 The Oklahoma homeschool convention in Oklahoma City.


*May 8-9 Christian Family Schools 25th Annual Expo homeschool convention in Escondido, California.


*May 8-9 Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


*May 8-9 25th Annual Homeschool Book Fair in Arlington, Texas.


*May 15-16 Montana homeschool convention in Kalispell, Montana.


If you live in the areas listed, I hope you’ll attend. If you do attend I’d appreciate hearing from you about the experience so that I can share it with our readers. As always, I can be reached at [email protected].


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