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There are those who do not understand homeschooling and feel that parents should be certified to teach. There are a couple of things these people are forgetting. Learning is a natural process and we don’t need teachers so much as we need guides. Second, the school system is full of certified educators and yet the system has let their students down time and time again.


The most important fact these people fail to consider is that the parent has that child’s best interest at heart. Here is a case in point. Shelly Wendel was worried because her daughter’s were failing reading. It turns out the school’s third graders were at a 41.7 percent proficiency compared to the state average of 81.4 percent.


This concerned parent vowed to do something about the situation. Not just for her children but all the children. With no experience, and no certification, this dedicated mother researched, held fund raisers and developed a program that she was able to have implemented in the school as the After School Homework Helper Project.


This was a project this one parent took upon herself. It shows that it does not take a teaching degree to guide and motivate children. It simply takes someone who cares and is willing to take on the challenge.


The project has been so successful that Wendel is looking to expand the program for next year. She is hoping to add science, math and economics to the program. Wendel has six children and homeschooled her oldest for a time.


To read more about this dedicated parent check out this article.


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