by Amy Tjaden News Editor


North Dakota has decided to relax its homeschooling laws. The current law states that to homeschool your child without outside supervision, you need a bachelor’s degree. The North Dakota senate has approved legislation that would lift that requirement and allow parents to homeschool without oversight.

While many lawmakers are for this change, there are those who are against it and believe that parents need oversight in order to homeschool. I find this completely ridiculous. I say this as someone who went to school to earn a teaching degree and as a former substitute teacher.

Having a college degree does not make someone smarter or more capable. It just means that person had the means and their situation allowed them to complete college. A degree proves nothing. So, how can we base the decision to allow parents to educate their own children on whether or not they earned a college degree?

There are as many ways to homeschool as there are homeschooling families. Yes, I’ve said this before. It is true. We each approach it a different way based on many variables, including the learning styles of our children and what works best within our family dynamic.  

I used to be a rather strict homeschooler, operating not unlike the public school system. We used workbooks, boxed curriculum and a rigid schedule that had my oldest sitting at the kitchen table for hours. Then I realized it just wasn’t working for us. I totally relaxed to the point that we lean more toward unschooling.

Learning is a natural process. We are all natural learners. All our children need is interested parents who are there to support and encourage their curiosity. Parents need to act as guides to help children find answers to their questions and teach them how to hunt down answers on their own. You do not need a college degree to accomplish that.

It was my time in college and as a teacher that convinced me I would homeschool my own children. The system is set up to crush the natural curiosity and creativity right out of a child. That is what college degrees prepare teachers to do. Now, I realize there are some caring, dedicated teachers out there. I know of some terrific ones. But they work in a system that basically works against them.

The point is; anyone who is willing to take on the task of homeschooling their child is obviously a caring parent who wants nothing more than the best for their child. They will not let that child slip. You can’t always say that about the system which is full of college graduates.

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