by Amy Tjaden News Editor


We all have our own reasons for deciding to homescool.


For some families it is about instilling a certain set of values. For some it is about basing education on religion. For some it is about spending time with their children. In many cases it is a combination of all of those things.


For me it is all of those things and the fact that I’ve been witness to too many terrible teachers within the school system. I used to work within the school system and it was that experience that sealed my decision to homeschool.


I won’t go into detail about my personal experiences. But I will share this news story with you. Let me just say that from the things I saw, this really comes as no surprise.


A child in Washington State was sent home with a bag of feces in his backpack. With it was a note from the teacher that stated, “This little turd was found on the floor in my room.”


The child in this situation is in kindergarten and spends half of his day in special education classes. His parents have pulled him from the school and he will continue his education in another school within the district.


The superintendent says that they have taken the appropriate action but that the teacher still has a job.


Funny how school officials and legislators, when speaking against homeschooling; claim that only the school has our children’s best interest at heart. Really? I realize there are caring teachers out there but how can anyone care more than a child’s own parent? This situation proves this teacher does not have the children’s best interest at heart and is apparently not equipped to handle the stresses that come with being a teacher.


I’m not saying this particular situation wouldn’t be frustrating but there is a right and a wrong way to go about things. This teacher chose the wrong way. What other things is she doing wrong?


In the past few months we’ve had stories about a principal molesting his elementary school students, a high school teacher selling pot to his students and another school official getting busted for child pornography. That was just in this one city.


And people actually can’t understand why I’m not willing to send my children off to school to spend eight hours a day with people that the school system says are safe. Yeah, right. It is quite apparent the schools have no idea who it is they’re hiring.


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