by Amy Tjaden News Editor


The homeschooling debate is nothing new. There will always be those who do not understand it and who have this mental image of children locked away in a dark house, never seeing the light of day. And there will always be those who defend it and try to break down the stereo-types.


However, what we don’t often do is ask the kids themselves. What do our own children think of being homeschooled? What do they see as benefits? Would they change anything? Some may be surprised to realize that many children are homeschooled at their own choosing.


I came across this article written from the perspective of a homeschooled teen in Ireland. 15 year old Ben Conroy talks about his reasons for wanting to be homeschooled, a typical day at home, and the age old question, “What about socialization?” Apparently the myth that homeschoolers cannot possibly be socialized is a global one.


I encourage you to read Ben’s story. It is a well written take on the importance and benefit of homeschooling told through a student’s eyes. And really isn’t it their feelings toward their education that matter the most?   


I’d like to hear more from homeschooled students. Any student, who wants to write about their feelings regarding their homeschooling experience, can send their writings to me at [email protected]. I will choose one day a week to feature their essays in place of the daily news.


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