by Amy Tjaden News Editor

I was sitting here thinking about the various challenges we face as homeschooling parents. I recently posted the article about a homeschooling mom suffering from a chronic illness that can make it very difficult to get through a day of homeschooling.

What other challenges are out there? What are obstacles are parents overcoming to remain committed to homeschooling? This led me to think of single parents. How do they do it?

I did some brief research into this area and found that, according to the National Home Education Research Institute, 2% of homeschooling families are headed by a single parent. The author at that website stated that single homeschooling parents are “…a rare subset of a rare breed.” How true.

The biggest obstacle facing these parents, according to my research, is financial. I found a site that stated that most single parents who homeschool live off of government assistance or a life insurance policy. However, from reading blogs or comments from actual single parents, this is not the case at all.

Many of these parents work odd jobs, or do freelance work from home. One comment I read was from a mother who does freelance writing and web design. Her income is not stable but they manage and her ex is good about child support. Another mom babysits in her home and even has a paper route.

I’d really like to hear from any of our readers that are single parents who homeschool. How do you do it? Why do you do it? What are you biggest obstacles? What are the benefits? I want to hear your story and share it with our readers. Send emails to [email protected].

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