Celebrating Graduation

19 May 9:00 pm
Posted By News Editor

On Monday I posted an article about homeschoolers and graduation ceremonies. I asked you, our wonderful audience, to please send in any stories regarding the homeschoolers in your life and their graduation ceremonies.

I want to send a big thanks to Jill Murtagh of Chicago, Illinois for sending an email about her niece’s 8th grade graduation ceremony. This is what Jill had to say.

I recently attended the 8th grade graduation of my niece, who attends a local branch of A.P.P.L.E.T.R.E.E. (Illinois) homeschool group. The event was held in a rented church auditorium, which allowed some rather elegant audiovisual presentations. This group matriculates 8th graders and high school seniors in one event, which allows the younger students to participate in a ceremony which they can then anticipate for their own graduation. Each graduate read their favorite Bible passage, delivered a prepared speech of remembrances and future plans, and performed a demonstration of (mostly musical) talents. There were only a dozen or so seniors, which allowed them time to embrace their parents when the diplomas were distributed. The ceremony wrapped up with a moving montage of video images of each of the graduates, set to appropriate music, and a prayer for their continued success. An adjoining gymnasium provided a casual place for freshments, and to study some rather elaborate “memory tables” erected by the graduates to honor their time spent with the group. Although my family is not affiliated with any one group at present, attending this ceremony has shown me the importance of such a ceremony, and prompted me to research ways to mark our own momentous passages when the time comes.

Jill, just reading about this ceremony prompts me to research ways to mark our own momentous passages when the time comes. This sounds like it was a truly special ceremony and I think it is great that they honored the 8th graders as well. Another reader wrote to tell me about a small graduation ceremony they’re having for a group of kindergarten homeschoolers. Awesome.

This just further proves that homeschooling isn’t something that takes place in the closet under the stairs. Our homeschoolers are honored for their efforts and accomplishments just like their public schooled peers.

If you have a graduation story you’d like to share please send it my way, [email protected]. I will continue to post graduation stories throughout the month of May.

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