by Amy Tjaden News Editor


The national spelling be was held on May 28 in Washington D.C. Homeschooler Tim Ruiter came in second. The 12- year-old from Centreville, VA was also the youngest to make it to the finals.

The word that stumped Tim was “Maecenas”. The word means cultural benefactor. I don’t suppose it would make Tim feel any better but I wouldn’t have spelled it correctly either. I’m not a terrible speller but everyday I’m grateful for the miracle we call a spell checker.


Congratulations to Tim. I think all the kids who participate in our national bee are extraordinary but I’m especially proud that a homeschooler made it all the way to the second spot. Great job!


While researching this topic I checked out the website for the national bee and came across a page explaining the origin of the term spelling bee. I’m kind of a nut when it comes to word origins. I found it fascinating that the origin is a sort of mystery.


To read more about it, explore other fun facts and find out more about this year’s bee, I encourage you to check out the Scripps National Spelling Bee website.


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