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It is already the middle of May. That means a couple of things. If you live in the Nevada desert it means that the temperature is creeping up to a point I like to call insane. This is the time of year I start wishing we lived somewhere like Alaska.


The month of May also means the school year is coming to an end. If you’re like our family, this doesn’t mean much. We don’t even come close to following a public school schedule, opting to continue studies throughout the summer. However, if you have a graduate in your home then this time of year marks a special milestone.


I was recently reading articles about graduation ceremonies for homeschoolers. I have to admit I haven’t given graduation much thought. My oldest is 9 and so we have a few years yet. But I’ve always assumed that, as homeschoolers, a graduation ceremony was not on the agenda. I’m actually quite surprised at the many ceremonies taking place in communities across the country.


In Iowa the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators held their 14th commencement ceremony where parents stand on stage with their children as their children’s accomplishments are listed for the audience. In Florida, 12 seniors were honored for their accomplishments in a ceremony through the SHARE (Support Homeschool Activities Reaching Everyone) program.


In Texas, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul was invited to speak at a graduation ceremony for homeschoolers and was surprised to find the venue packed with homeschooling families and their supporters. And, in an inspiring story out of Tennessee, an eighteen-year-old homeschooler not only graduated from high school this year, she also earned her associate’s degree.


What about our readers? Some of you must have graduates this year. I’d like to hear about their accomplishments. I want to hear about the graduation ceremonies your local groups are having. I’d like to highlight these stories throughout the rest of the month. So, send your stories to [email protected].


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