by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Today I came across this article and had to share it. There are those who think that removing children from the public school system means removing them from their community. This inspiring news proves that is not so. In fact, from my experience, homeschoolers are more involved in community than those who attend public school.


A group of homeschoolers in Alabama will spend part of their summer touring nursing homes. The group, Homeschoolers Performing Art for the Young at Heart (I love that name), will perform poetry and music recitals as part of a four-week community service project that will take them through three counties.


I have no doubt that many of you are already part of similar projects but I wanted to post this as inspiration for anyone out there who might be searching for some way to reach out to the community. This is such a great way because the residents of the nursing home are entertained but the kids who perform gain so much from the experience.


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