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28 May 9:00 pm
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


What are your plans for the summer? This seems to be the popular question as of late. I’ve been hearing it a lot. People are surprised when I say we don’t have any major plans and, yes, we will continue our studies through the summer.


We lean toward a more unschooling attitude and that means my kids get a lot of downtime as far as formal, structured study goes. There is just no reason to stop exploring various topics during the summer months. How do you stop a child from exploring their favorite topics anyway?


I was thinking about that when I stumbled upon this article by Faye Kepner. It made me smile because she voiced exactly what I’ve been thinking only she said it even better. I especially love her point about the idea that learning only takes place during the school year, behind a desk. It is sad how many people seem to hold to that attitude.


Our plans this summer include lots of cooking, baking, reading, art projects, exploration of history and some cool science projects. We’re learning all about Easter Island at the kids’ request and have decided to try our hand at sign language. We’re reading the entire Chronicles of Narnia series aloud. The boys have two major creative writing projects to complete over the next few months. Vacation? We plan on going to Sea World but we’ll wait until the fall when everyone else is back in school.


It may sound like a lot but to the kids it is all fun. There is still plenty of time for swimming, video games, movies and fun with friends. We will still enjoy a long, relaxing summer just as we enjoy a long relaxing, fall, winter and spring. That is just one of the perks of homeschooling.


What are your plans? Head over to the discussion forum and share your summer plans or send an email to [email protected].


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