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We’re honoring our graduating homeschoolers this month. Reader, Michelle Griswold, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana wrote to tell us about her experience.

 My third child just participated in our local CHEF Kindergarten graduation.  Each of my three children has gone through this adorable ritual.  There are usually about 25 children who participate each year.  They march into the sanctuary in cap and gown to Pomp & Circumstance and take their seats on the stage.  Each year the ceremony is a little different, but often includes the Pledge of Allegiance, a cute song by the graduates, sometimes Bible verses and prayers shared by a few of the graduates, and a short message from a pastor or someone active in the homeschool community.  The planners of the graduation compile a DVD, which everyone gets a copy of, containing photos of the graduates from the year and field trip pictures, all set to music.  The children also bring memory boards to set up in the fellowship hall where we share punch and cake after the ceremony.  The children really enjoy celebrating their milestone with a ceremony all their own.  One thing that makes this such a special day is that the children have met together during the year (the “Kindergarten Klub”) for field trips and story time at the library, so they are graduating with their friends.  Some of them are very active in the Kindergarten Klub, and some just come to a few things or maybe just to the graduation.  It is open to everyone who is a member of our local CHEF chapter.

Thanks Michelle. That sounds like it was a wonderful, and very cute, ceremony. It seems that a lot of groups find ways to celebrate their homeschoolers of all ages for their accomplishments throughout the year. And why not? Our kids work hard all year and deserve recognition for there successes.

Still, there is nothing quite like the milestone of completing all grades and heading off to the next phase of life.’s own Rebecca Kochenderfer wrote to tell of her son’s graduation ceremony. It is posted in the’s News Discussion Forum.

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