by Amy Tjaden News Editor


I stumbled upon this article and found it interesting and worth sharing.


It seems that an Illinois school district has proposed a revision to its policy regarding the credits they will accept for transfer. Grades given to homeschoolers will not be reflected on high school transcripts unless those grades came from an accredited school.


So, what does this mean? It means that any homeschooler who is considering going to public school for high school may have to repeat certain subjects. For example, a mother in the article commented that she is not planning to send her children into public school but if, for some reason, she had to her son would have to retake anatomy. Her son already took the class from an actual medical doctor. However, the credit is meaningless as far as this school district is concerned.


It comes down to the district not trusting homeschooling parents. Again, parents are not trusted to be competent enough to know what is best for their children and to ensure they are learning.


The most frightening part of the article is that the mother they talked to started homeschooling because her son was entering the sixth grade with all As and Bs but was reading at a second grade level and still struggling with fifth grade math.


Again, we have a case of homeschoolers being forced to be accountable, but the public school is held to a lesser standard. The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources said the purpose of the policy change was to ensure that all students graduating from their district met graduation standards. So, learning anatomy from a medical doctor is an unacceptable standard. But passing children who can barely read into the sixth grade is perfectly acceptable?


And people still wonder why I choose to homeschool.


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