by Amy Tjaden News Editor

Imagine a gang of kids who want nothing more than to play ball. They are denied participation with their public school because they are “different”. One man decides to take on the commitment of working with these boys and he starts a league for kids with no other options.

The players are described as “scrappy” and it is four years in before they have a good season. Fast forward another four years and we see this league has reached the World Series and garnered attention from college programs.

Sounds like a movie doesn’t it? But it isn’t a movie. It is a true story out of Virginia about the Richmond Patriots, a baseball team comprised of homeschoolers. Eight years ago Gregg Tobey started the Central Virginia Homeschool Athletics Association for homeschoolers who had no other options because of the rules barring them from participating in public school sports.

The Patriots play against public and private schools and other homeschool teams in the state. This year they are in Pensacola, Florida for the national championship tournament. As the tournament began, the Patriots had the lowest ranking of all the teams. Despite this, the team has gone on to beat the top ranked team out of Oklahoma.

The Patriots have another game today. It kind of makes me wish we had a homeschool sports channel. Hey, there is an entire channel devoted to video gaming and I’ve heard there is another devoted to whiskey. Why not homeschool sports or even homeschooling in general? I guess that is a topic for another article. Anyway, I’d like to watch and see how these kids do. Theirs is an inspiring story.  I don’t know a single one of them but, as a fellow homeschooler, I’m proud of them.

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