by Amy Tjaden News Editor


I think it would be so great to hop into a motor home and tour the country with the kids. I’ve actually sat and mapped it out, just for fun. I want to hit not only historical sites, but also all those weird roadside attractions. Check out Roadside America. It is a guide to some very strange places. Check out the Lincoln landmarks. Crazy yet still educational.


This is all suddenly on my mind again because I was reading about how the president of Cheap Tickets, Normand Schafer, just embarked on a 17,000 km (roughly 11,000 miles) journey with his family.


Schafer along with this wife and six kids left Victoria, BC on May 30. Their travels will take them across Canada to its eastern coast. They will then return via the northern U.S. They are expected to wrap up their trip around August 1. Yes, they homeschool.


 You can follow the family’s progress by visiting this website. You can see their GPS coordinates, view photos and video and even make suggestions on places they should visit during their journey.


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