Graduate Denied Diploma

17 June 9:00 pm
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


One of the best things about homeschooling is that my children get more of an opportunity to express themselves. They will never be told they are not allowed to color a leprechaun purple.  They will never miss an entire lunch period because they didn’t walk in a perfectly straight line to the cafeteria. They will never be ridiculed in front of the entire class for not following the exact directions on an art project. These are just a few of the real life examples I have witnessed.


I bring this up because I read an article today that shows how far the school system has gone to strip their students of any sort of individuality or freedom of expression. A graduating senior was denied his diploma because, as he walked across the stage to accept the diploma, he turned and blew a kiss to his family. What has the world come to when a child wants to blow a kiss to his family? The horror!


Apparently, this high school and many others have strict expectations on how graduating seniors should conduct themselves at a graduation ceremony. I guess the mood is expected to be somber. We shouldn’t expect a room full of teens that just completed a very important milestone to be giddy, festive and ready to celebrate. That’s just crazy.


It is better that they sit quietly, staring straight ahead with blank expressions, doing nothing but listening, just as they’ve been conditioned to do during their stint in the prison we call the public school system. Many schools no longer even allow graduates to toss their caps into the air.


What a wonderful memory for this student and his family.


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