by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Homeschoolers love books. I have never met a homeschooling family that didn’t get excited at the prospect of new books, or exploring a new curriculum or playing a new educational board game.


When we lived in Japan, there were two elementary schools in our community. Each school hosted two Scholastic book fairs each year. We went to each one of them. That is four book fairs each year. We never walked away empty handed.


I can spend hours browsing online stores, looking at curriculum and various educational books. When I place an order, I dance around in anticipation for the order to arrive. The idea of attending a homeschool curriculum fair is like being told I’m going to Disney Land.


I bring this up because 18 counties in Tennessee are coming together for a homeschool resource fair. The annual Smoky Mountain Home Education Association Family Resource Fair will host more than 60 vendors. There will also be workshops and seminars.


For more details, you can read this article. Look at the photo accompanying the article and tell me that doesn’t look fun. The article quotes kids as saying “It’s Christmas in June!” Indeed!


For further information about SMHEA, you can visit their website.


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