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For many homeschoolers, prom is probably not an event they anticipate attending. However, homeschoolers Alexandria (Ali) Petrocelli and Anna Martin not only attended prom, they attended the ultimate prom.


The two girls entered and won the Ultimate Prom Queen contest hosted by Seventeen Magazine and sponsored by and Claire’s. They entered a video that won them a trip to New York City for the Ultimate Prom red carpet event. The grand prize also included makeovers, designer dresses, a tour of Seventeen Magazine and more.


When asked about their experience the girls said, “Instead of tiaras and roses, we got flashing cameras and celebrities!” The girls say they both have a calling in the entertainment industry and that it was amazing to get a taste of what may be.


Ali and Anna met and became best friends during a short-term mission trip in Lima, Peru. During their time in Peru, they did creative drama ministries, played sports, evangelized and helped rebuild parts of the city. They say it is an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives.


Ali has been homeschooled since the third grade and is grateful for it. She says that homeschooling isn’t just education; it is a way of life. Ali graduated this year with a 4.2 due to honors courses and extra credit. She plans to attend Liberty University Online to earn her B.S. in religion. She will also work on her music. She is recording her debut album, which is due out this fall.


Anna just began her homeschooling adventure this past year. She says the first year has been trial and error. “Something that I love about homeschooling is that it is as unique as someone’s fingerprint!” Anna will begin her senior year this fall.


In my brief correspondence with these girls, I have to say I am truly impressed with their maturity and their accomplishments. They had mentioned to me something about their “True Beauty” platform. I asked them to elaborate and was blown away by their response.


“True Beauty is something that is passionate for each of us. Self Esteem is so fragile when you are a teen. The media feeds us lies that there is only one type of “pretty”. True Beauty is not only realizing the beauty inside of you, but that beauty is unique, and there is no set type. A corporation has no right to tell you what is and isn’t “beautiful” Both of us have had to learn this the hard way, and if we can help young teen girls realize this, and realize the beauty that God has given to them, we have done our job!”


These girls are wise beyond their years. They are much wiser than I was at that age. It took me a much longer time to be confident and comfortable in my own skin. I am positive that we haven’t seen the last of Ali and Anna.


To read more about the Ultimate Prom contest, check out this link.


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