by Amy Tjaden News Editor


When it comes to homeschooling there are a few myths that we are always working to dispel. One of those myths is that homeschoolers are detrimental to the public school system because they cost the system money.


The idea is that the schools rely on numbers to get their funding. This is true. Therefore, it would make sense to assume that homeschoolers would cost the schools money. Those are bodies that are not filling their seats, which means that is money the schools are not seeing.


I found this article that looks at a study sponsored by the Nevada Policy Research Institute.  The interesting thing about this study is that it found that homeschoolers actually save the state of Nevada millions of dollars each year.


The students that remain at home decrease the schools expenses. This decrease in expenses far outweighs the schools loss of revenue from lower enrollment, which means the schools actually benefit from homeschoolers.


The article also looks at the idea that homeschooling lowers the tax burden and lowers the rate of incarceration. The article is worth a quick read. It is fascinating to see how the positive aspects of homeschooling are far reaching.


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