by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Long before I began homeschooling I was a library junkie. I can remember long summers at my Grandma’s house. She would take us to the library and then to the local pool. We would then return to the house and escape the Texas heat by hiding in the air-conditioned house; each one of us lost in a book.


Ever since those summers, I have been known to spend entire afternoons inside libraries. Whenever we’ve moved to a new town, one of my first tasks has always been to locate the nearest library and get my library card. I love libraries.


As a homeschooling parent, I have grown to love libraries even more. We go once a week. We take a large canvas bag because we always leave with much more than we can carry. My oldest devours fantasy novels and all the true ghost stories he can find. My 6-year-old has read every I Spy book in the joint at least twice. He has now started in on the Do You See What I See? series; both series offer great opportunities for learning activities.


I recently discovered a great series by Nancy Loewen. It is the Word Fun series and is great at teaching parts of speech. We recently read If You Were An Interjection. My kids are already familiar with parts of speech (we do a lot of Mad Libs). But these books have great activity ideas to help reinforce what your children already know.


We homeschool throughout the summer but our schedule slows down and we have more time for leisure reading. So, the library has been on my mind more as I search for new series to explore. I look forward to that weekly trip even more because I have time for more reading which means I can get even more books. Did I mention I love libraries?


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