by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Sunday is Father’s Day and I wanted to take a moment to recognize all the dads out there. When we refer to a homeschooling parent, we often do it with mom in mind. It is mom that we picture sitting around the table with the kids, or carting them to activities in the “soccer mom” van. 


Behind the scenes is dad. Sometimes he simply plays a supportive role. Sometimes he takes a more active approach. Dads coach sports teams, help with projects and sometimes play the role of tutor. In our house, dad comes up with spontaneous science projects and has the role of math teacher.


Then we have the dads who do the bulk of the homeschooling while mom is the one working away from the home. I’ve only met one of these dads and only briefly. I imagine there must be many more out there. I came across this site and spent a little time looking around. It looks like a worthwhile site for all those homeschooling dads out there.


Homeschooling is not easy. One of the reasons it isn’t always easy is because those who do it are swimming against the current. I once quoted a man who, when referring to single homeschooling parents said, “…they are a rare subset of a rare breed.” Homeschooling dads would fall into that same category.


Homeschooling parents deserve accolades for their effort and commitment to their children’s education. But this weekend when you celebrate dad, remember to thank him for not batting an eyelash when you spent $100 on that set of history books, or for when he took over helping the kids with their big project when you were tired of dealing with it, or for coaching soccer week after week after week.


Thanks to all the dads for all your hard work and support. Happy Father’s Day.


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