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A few weeks ago, I linked to a USA Today article that reported new statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics. You can find my article here.


My point in the article was that I don’t trust the numbers. Statistics have this magical way of fitting whichever agenda they need to fit. It turns out HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) took an even bigger issue with the USA Today article, which paints homeschoolers as rich, white people. HSLDA’s take on the article can be found here.


I did find it interesting that the USA Today article painted homeschool families as high-income. We are not high-income. In fact, other than maybe two families, I don’t know a homeschooling family that would consider themselves high income. But, as HSLDA points out, USA Today defines “higher-income” as any household making $50,000 or more.


If you have time, I encourage you to read HSLDA’s response to the USA Today article and pass it on. I don’t know if the author of the USA Today article truly has an agenda or if he is just guilty of reporting poor facts. But, as the author of the HSLDA report states, this article “falsely paint homeschoolers as rich and white, thereby dismissing the full range of people who are making tremendous sacrifices on limited budgets to ensure that the next generation receives the best education and upbringing available.”


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