by Amy Tjaden News Editor


I was reading this wonderful article on a mother’s reason for homeschooling. If you have time give it a read. In this article the author alludes to the fact that a previous commenter stated that she was simply a bored housewife. The author, bless her, laughed it off. Oh, if only I were possessed with the good grace to laugh off something like that. Sadly, I am not wired that way. No, I’m the person mumbling expletives and then explaining to anyone within earshot why the person who states such a thought is a complete idiot.


What comes from expressing such a view? It is clearly meant as an insult, which means that commenter was attacking. Why? Is it fair to throw all homeschoolers into a big box and slap it with one label? That would be like me stating that all teachers are simply people who couldn’t cut it anywhere else in the workforce. I’ve known some terrible teachers in my time but I certainly do not believe they are all inept underachievers. I’m not about to let the ones who are color my view of the wonderful ones that I know. I doubt the person who made such a comment even knows anyone who homeschools.


Bored? I don’t even know the meaning of the word. When I was pregnant with my oldest I debated on whether or not I would quit working to be home. I have to admit that I dreaded the idea. I thought I would be bored out of my mind. Ah, to be young and naïve again. I’ve been home with my kids since day one and I’ve never experienced a moment of boredom. Between working from home, my hobbies and spending time with the kids I’m busy from the second my feet touch the floor in the morning.


I know you guys can relate. There are days I’m juggling science projects with article deadlines. I’m trying to do laundry while helping the kids with math problems. I’m getting lunch ready while keeping my toddler entertained. Since having kids I’ve started two different businesses from home, worked as a freelance writer, done tons of volunteer work and started training to become a doula. Do I seem bored? Doesn’t it seem as if I’d get a lot done if I sent my kids off to school rather than keeping them home? If I sent the kids to school, I could take on more writing gigs. I am not the exception here. Many homeschooling moms work and juggle various projects along with homeschooling the kids. So, why do we do it?


Just as Melissa Caddell says in her article, I do it because they are growing up so fast and I do not want to miss any of it. I do not want someone else raising my kids. As Melissa so beautifully put it, “I want our home and the people who love her best to have the most influence on shaping her life.”


The area where Caddell and I differ is our view of the school system. Caddell says her local schools are great. After working in two different school systems, I find it hard to believe any school system is great. I hate to be so cynical but experience wins out. We now live in Las Vegas and there is no way I’d put my kids into the school system here.


Melissa Caddell and I don’t hold the same exact reasons for choosing to homeschool. However, the most important reason is the same and is true of all homeschooling parents; we like and want to spend time with our children. Why on earth would anyone belittle or attack us for that?


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