Legos as Teaching Tools

9 June 9:00 pm
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Many of you are probably already aware that there is an actual Lego League. I just stumbled across it today while browsing around the web. I seriously did not know that teams get together every year to compete against other teams with Legos.


I went to the website to take a closer look. First Lego League is a program for kids ages 9-14 (they have a junior league for ages 6-9).  The program aims at encouraging kids to explore science and technology using Legos.


Teams are made up of 3-10 kids. In September, a challenge is revealed and then teams spend October and November meeting that challenge. Tournament season runs from November to February with a World Festival in April.


You can start your own Lego League. It doesn’t look at all complicated. In fact, I’m seriously considering starting one in my area. To read more about the program check out the FLL website.


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