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10 June 9:00 pm
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


I was catching up on all my emails this morning when I came across the mention of an organizing system called the Workbox System. It was developed by homeschooling mom, Sue Patrick. You can check out the details at her website. I must warn you that the site does not give a great explanation on the system. I had to browse many websites to get more information.


I have to admit that I am very intrigued and curious as to how well this works. I’m a nut when it comes to organization and I am always searching for better ways to organize my day. I am one of those annoying people who make lists and charts for everything. If you want to know which room of the house I cleaned today and what we’re having for dinner tonight, just go look at the charts on my fridge. It is all right there.


So this idea of the workbox system appeals to that side of me. From what I understand, the idea is to organize your child’s school day into 12 boxes. Each task gets its own box. This puts your child in charge of their day and they have a visual of how much they have yet to get done.


I have found blog after blog with homeschooling moms raving about this system. All you have to do is google “workbox system”. The pros seem to be that it helps with the flow of the day, gives the child a sense of accomplishment and allows for extra, fun stuff that usually gets pushed aside. The cons seem to be that if you have more than one child, you’re going to need a lot of space. I have three kids. I’ll need 36 boxes.


I haven’t read Sue’s book that explains the system in detail so I still have many questions. Why twelve boxes? I’m sure there must be a reason for that. I also read that she recommends that tasks be organized in a specific order. I’m wondering what that order is. While I do like the idea of this system, I have to wonder how this is better than a simple checklist or written schedule.


I think I might have to look into Sue’s system a little closer. It sounds like it would be easy to tailor to our family’s specific needs. I’m wondering if any of our readers are familiar with this system. Have you tried it? Has it helped? Did you tweak it to fit your family? Or maybe you have an entirely different way of organizing your day that you’d like to share.


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