Schools Caught Cheating

15 June 9:00 pm
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


In recent months, I have posted articles about bills such as the Tim Tebow bill. These bills would allow homeschoolers to participate in public school activities, such as sports. People who are against such bills say it is because homeschooled kids are not accountable for their grades. How does anyone know if, like public school kids, homeschoolers are “making the grade” in order to play?


Those against the bill have gone so far as to say that homeschoolers can easily lie about their grades. In other words, cheat. I have always maintained that we cannot assume the schools are above cheating. How do we know public schooled kids are “making the grade” just because their teachers say so?


This article proves that the idea of schools cheating is not just a cynical thought born from my mind. It does happen. Not one, not two but four schools are accused of changing scores on standardized tests. Why would they do this? There is a strong correlation between standardized test scores and federal funding of public schools. Schools face penalties for failing to progress.


Fellow educators and administrators are claiming shock and disappointment in the face of this scandal. But does anyone honestly believe this is the first time? This time someone just got caught.


Thanks to the No Child Left Behind act, the system is set up in a way that puts pressure on schools and ignores the individual child. The system does not care about your child’s interests, creativity, or individuality. As long as your child can hold a #2 pencil and fill in bubbles, then the system is happy. Your child doesn’t even have to fill in the bubbles correctly, because someone behind the scenes will fix that.


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