by Amy Tjaden News Editor


This interesting bit of news comes to us from Tennessee.


Star Breeder Studios is filming a movie about a courtroom drama. The basic premise is that the state of Georgia has outlawed homeschooling and parents are testing the law by continuing to homeschool.


The courtroom scenes are being filmed in the Marshall County Courthouse. Marshall County Sheriff’s Detective Capt. Norman Dalton plays a truant officer who arrests parents who continue to homeschool despite the law.


I wanted to know more about this movie but I cannot find anything in regards to Star Breeder Studios. According to this article, the studio owner and his family are members of the Tennessee Homeschool association.


I’m intrigued by the idea of this movie. What was the inspiration? What are they hoping to accomplish? What kind of release is this movie going to have? When can we see it?


I will continue to search for answers. Meanwhile, if any of our readers know any details, please share them. As always, I can be reached at [email protected]


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