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There is not a day that goes by that the socialization debate isn’t still simmering somewhere. I think there will eventually come a time that we will shake the myth that homeschooling produces socially inept humans that can’t string two words together in a conversation.


Here is an excellent article by fellow homeschooling mom, Jennifer Klever. It points to studies that not only show that homeschoolers are socially capable but happen to be even more so than their public schooled peers.


However, I bring this up today because I’m looking at the homeschoolers who have gone out into the world and have shown that they are smart, talented, and know how to handle themselves in social situations.


On Sunday, Joey Logano, became the youngest winner in NASCAR history. That is a record to be proud of for sure. But what impresses this diehard NASCAR fan, is that the 19-year-old Logano was also homeschooled.


He was homeschooled and has gone on to have a promising future in a sport that is quickly growing in popularity. He isn’t sheltered away from the world, struggling to get by or to make social connections. Far from it, Logano was voted a fan favorite in NASCAR’s 2009 Sprint Fan Vote.


When he isn’t racing, he, like many of NASCAR’s drivers, is out giving back to the community. While preparing for his race this past weekend he took time to visit a local children’s hospital.


To read more about Logano and his win at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway you can check out this article.


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