by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Homeschooling has made headlines again in conjunction with a divorce case.


Jeff Naeger and Lisa Payne-Naeger are working through a tumultuous divorce. Homeschooling has become such a hot topic that on Tuesday a crowd gathered outside the St. Charles County Circuit Courthouse in Missouri to show their support for homeschooling.


Many of those who attended the rally do not know the parties involved in this case. I’m all for supporting homeschooling but I feel like this is overstepping boundaries. Divorce should be a private matter and I’m sure there is more to the case than these demonstrators know.


Jeff Naeger claims that his wife homeschools as a means of fulfilling her own needs. He claims she has a controlling nature and this is hurting the children by not allowing them to be independent or learn how to deal with people. Is this true or is this the claim of a bitter man going through a divorce? Who can say?


Lisa Payne-Naeger says that she homeschools because she has found it fulfilling for her children and they get to experience opportunities they wouldn’t if they attended public or private school. Is that her real motivation? Who can say?


We have a mother who wants her children homeschooled and a father who doesn’t. What I find interesting is that people, such as these demonstrators, claim that they are for parental rights and educational choice. How can you claim to be for those things and then ignore the father’s wishes for his children as if his opinion doesn’t matter?


He wants his kids to attend private school. You don’t see a crowd outside the courthouse in support of private school. No one is claiming his parental rights are being violated.


Jeff Naeger is disappointed with his wife’s decision to take their case to the public. She has spoken out to homeschool groups and blogs and has even done speaking engagements. Even her own attorney has questioned her willingness to air this divorce in the open.


I have to wonder too how much concern there is for the kids when little thought is given to how this lack of privacy in such a private matter will affect them.


For more on this case you can check out this article.


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