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We’re going to continue exploring the various methods of homeschooling by looking at the Montessori Method.


The Montessori Method is based on the educational theories of Maria Montessori. Founded in 1907, the method is based on Montessori’s observation of children’s learning processes.


The basic idea behind the Montessori Method is to have a prepared environment in which children are free to explore at their own pace. Children learn through discovery and direct their own learning while surrounded by age appropriate materials.


The role of the “teacher” is that of an observer or guide. Tests and grades are discouraged as they are viewed as damaging the “growth” of the child.


Studies done have shown that Montessori students have social and academic skills far above their public schooled peers. This has shown to be especially true in math and science.


This method is popular among many homeschooling families who like the idea of learning as an organic process. However, it can be difficult to stock the home with enough stimulating materials, especially when you must do so for multiple age groups.


If any of you use the Montessori Method, I would love to hear from you about how you implement it.


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