by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Yesterday marked the first day of school for many of the children in the Las Vegas area. I saw the school bus early in the morning and smiled. My three boys were still snoozing in their beds.


Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed the mothers walking through the stores with their public school approved supply lists. I’ve heard complaints about the price of school clothes. I’ve also heard moms eagerly counting down the days, ready for summer to be over.


Through it all I’ve smiled to myself. Homeschoolers know something those parents don’t. Homeschooling is freedom. My boys have to get up in the morning but not before 7 and I often let them stay in bed until 7:30. There is no frenzied rush to get everyone out the door in the morning. Our mornings are laid back and relaxing.


I buy school supplies that I want to buy, when I want to buy them. The kids only need clothes when they outgrow the old ones and they don’t feel the pressure to have the latest, trendy threads. I can shop the clearance racks and the kids are happy.


Like those other moms I’m also eagerly counting down the days, ready for summer to be over. Not because I’m ready to ship my children off to be someone else’s responsibility but because it means fewer crowds at the national parks, restaurants, museums and all the other places we like to explore and learn together.


For many families the end of summer means “Back to School”. For us it simply means celebrating the arrival of fall and all that it brings. Our family doesn’t celebrate “Back to School”.


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