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There is a new resource for homeschoolers that I’m really excited about. I think this has the potential to a very valuable tool for homeschooling families.


LessonPathways is a unique tool that takes the leg work out of finding fun activities to go with the topics you’re teaching. I had the honor of being part of the LessonPathways team before I had to cut back on work. I believe that what they’ve put together is going to be a time saver for families.


Here is a description of the LessonPathways from the editor: is an innovative new tool that will save you time and money in planning your child’s homeschool education.  Using prescreened, high-quality, online resources, we have created a series of dynamic topic unit “Pathways” for grades K-3.  Each Pathway contains resources that cater to a variety of learning styles and instructional methods.


Follow our Guided Journeys for an easy-to-use, full-year Pathway curriculum OR use our integrated Planner to create a custom plan for your child.  With, you’ll have all the tools you need to provide your child with a customized, multisensory education.


Right now the Pathways team is looking for beta testers. They need 500 people to get the site going. The testers will get to use the site for a full 12 months at no cost. In exchange for this deal they are simply asking the beta testers to fill out periodic surveys and to add ratings and comments to the Pathway resources.


This is targeted at those who are homeschooling children working on K-3 material. If that is you then I highly recommend trying to get on as a beta tester. When I was working on pathways for this project all I could think about is how this is such a great concept and should have been thought of a long time ago.


To sign-up to be a beta tester or to take a tour and learn more about how the pathways work, you can visit


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