How to Keep Kids Motivated

9 August 9:00 pm
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Do you ever have those mornings where the kids seem to drag along in their work and seem completely unmotivated? Or maybe you’ve spent a good deal of time putting together a project only have the kids whine that they don’t want to do it.

Most homeschooling families go through periods where the kids seem completely unmotivated and uninspired to learn anything. I realize there are some kids who are self-motivated in everything and never seem to need that push. But for most of us, we have at least one child who needs that nudge.

What can you do to inspire your child to get excited? Here are a few ideas.

*Check your own attitude. If you are dragging in the morning or feeling stressed then chances are the kids will mirror that. I know this isn’t always easy. Have your morning coffee and then get excited about the days activities. If you’re excited and upbeat then your kids will be too. Exude positive energy and avoid rushing them through their work. I find having classical or jazz music in the background helps us to relax and just let the routine flow.

*Have a flexible routine. Try to keep a routine the kids can count on but allow it to be flexible when it needs to be. I post a daily schedule and have explained to the kids that it is a guideline to help keep us on track but that we can adjust it depending on the circumstances of the day.

*Have a morning starter. A starter is an activity that gets everyone ready for the rest of the day’s activities. Some parents do yoga or another exercise as the starter. Some read out loud. Some do small games like reading trivia questions.

*Design shorter assignments that they can complete on their own without needing mom looking over their shoulder. This provides of a sense of accomplishment. Eventually they will be able to take on bigger assignments.

*Allow your children to explore what is of interest to them. Let them help you and give input with lesson plans. Give them time to focus on hobbies. Be aware that everything is a learning opportunity and they don’t always have to be sitting in front of a text book to be learning.

*Take a break. If things have seemed hectic and stressful then just back off of formal learning and do something else. Head to a museum, explore a national park, sit in your own yard and look at bugs, play a board game, watch a fun science show. The books will still be there tomorrow.

*Reflect. Remember why it is you chose to homeschool.

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