by Amy Tjaden News Editor


I’ve been lurking around on a couple of different homeschool boards and have noticed there has been zero discussion on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


I’ll admit that I’m still somewhat sketchy on what this will mean should the U.S. ratify it. But looking at other countries that have already ratified it, I do not get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Just look at how the treaty has already impacted homeschooling in Britain.


From my understanding there is much more than just homeschooling at risk should the U.S. ratify. Under this treaty, every parental rule could be challenged. Parents would basically lose all rights to make decisions for their own children.


Now there are those who say the critics are using scare tactics to create fear and that this treaty is not about taking away parental rights. If that is true, I still think there needs to be more interest and discussion among the parenting community. This affects all of us and we should be involved in what is going on.


Please check out Learn more about this treaty, pass it on and discuss it.


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