by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Gathering up the family and taking them on a tour to see famous landmarks might sound like a fun, educational way to spend the summer. But what if you were bound in chains, running 20 miles a day as part of the deal?


While browsing around, I found this incredible family. Eric and Rebecca Proffitt are homeschooling parents from Canada. Earlier this month, the family began a journey at the Lincoln Memorial.


The purpose of their journey is to bring attention to the issue of human trafficking. Eric, a singer-songwriter, runs 20 miles a day with chains on his hands, feet and torso. Rebecca and their five daughters follow Eric in their van.


After running the “Freedom Trail” in the U.S. the family will go to Britain to further spread their message. Supporters are invited to run with Eric. After a day of running, Eric speaks at events and sings songs all in an effort to educate people on the issue of slave trade that still exists in every major city in the world.


These are uncomfortable statistics that no one wants to think about. 80% of people living in slavery are involved in sexual slavery. Of that group, 60% are children.


Running 20 miles under the hot, summer sun is bad enough. But to add heavy chains that rub against your skin? Yikes! This shows some serious commitment. There is no doubt that Eric Proffitt is serious about spreading awareness of the human trafficking. He and wife Rebecca sold their home and used all the money to begin this journey. The goal is to help create a culture that will not allow this to happen by making the issue more mainstream and getting the public more involved.


When all is said and done, Eric will have run 500 miles on his journey to carry his message.


If you have a chance I encourage you to head over to Eric’s website and take a look around. You can read his blog, view his route and learn more about this cause. Then pass it on.


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