by Amy Tjaden News Editor


The results of a recent study have been published and they’ve confirmed what we’ve already known, homeschoolers excel academically.

The last major research looking at homeschool academic achievement was done in 1998. That study showed that homeschoolers scored about 30 percentile points higher on average, compared to their public schooled peers on standardized tests.

The recent study was collected from data from the 2007-08 school year. Not only did it show that homeschoolers are doing well academically by scoring 37 percentile points higher than public schooled peers, but it showed that things like gender and household income had little impact on the results.

It showed that having a parent who is a certified teacher had no impact on performance. The amount parents spent toward homeschooling had little impact. Government regulation did not affect results either. I find these results fascinating and encouraging.

Critics are finding themselves armed with fewer and fewer arguments to throw at those who homeschool.

To get a closer look at the results and to read more about the study check out this link.

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